Sofa Sets Squared Pillow

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BrandDream World Furniture TypeSofa Bed MaterialFabric Number of SeatsFive Seater ConditionNew

The cushions will provide you with the support you need to relax, as well as giving your sofa form and volume. The intended feel and look of a sofa will determine which cushion filling is used. The most commonly used are foam, feather, and polyester fibre — each have their own properties and will add different qualities. There are also instances where two or all three of these filling materials will be used to achieve the desired result.

Foam is formed by mixing an assortment of chemicals that cure and then rise into a large block shape, like an oversized sponge cake. The greatest advantage of this material is that it provides a soft feel while having an inherent pliability, which allows its shape to recover after someone sits on the furniture.

The stiffness or softness of the materials used, and the amount of air bubbles formed during the curing process, determines both the overall feel and the density of the resulting foam. The more material and less air there is in foam, the greater its density. As a result, the opposite is also true. Generally speaking, the higher the density, the more expensive and better quality the foam